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A Village Mystery....

28 March 2017

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Can anyone help Simon Last shed any light on the date and occasion of this photograph? 

Date of Mystery Parham Photograph?



From Simon's Website:

I have recently purchased this photograph of a group of Elderly People ouside the Vicarage in Parham Suffolk, but have no idea of the date.

Could this photograph have been taken to celebrate the 1902 Coronation of King Edward VII?

Edward was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and ascended the throne on January 22nd 1901 upon Victoria’s death. Born in 1841 he had to wait a long time to succeed to the throne. He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 who bore him three sons and three daughters.

The coronation was originally scheduled for June 26th 1902, but Edward had to undergo an emergency appendectomy operation, so the coronation was postponed until August 9th 1902.

Any suggestions to date welcomed – I have researched the 1901 Parham census and the age of the Vicar John Francis Mather seems to fit!

Many thanks