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Damaged Bridge, Main Road Parham

10 January 2022

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Parham Parish Council is continuing to chase progress on repairs to the bridge near The Pound. 

We have heard the following today: 

Thanks for your enquiry regarding the repairs required to the bridge parapet and adjacent fence at the bridge on North Green Road in Parham.

The extent/detail of the repairs required have been determined and we have recently received a cost estimate for the work.  There are a few items/details within the estimate that are currently in the process of being challenged/clarified with our contractor – as soon as these issues have been resolved an order for the work will be raised such that the repairs can be undertaken as soon as possible.  I don’t yet have a firm date for when the work will be undertaken, however I have requested that you are updated with details of when the works are programmed to be undertaken as soon as a date is known.

The damage to the bridge parapet is relatively minor and has been made-safe with securely attached plastic barriers – these temporary barriers have been and will continue to be routinely inspected/maintained by Suffolk Highways until the permanent repairs are undertaken.