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Meet your Councillors

Parish Councillors are local, receive no payment and are not to be confused with District (Suffolk Coastal) or County (Suffolk) Councillors who have political affiliation.

Please contact individual Councillors or the Clerk about any specific village enquiries.

Councillors' Profiles

Cllr Andy Nicholson (Chairman)

Lives: Elm Tree Cottage, North Green

Village Commitments:   Parish Council Representative on Parham Village Hall Management Committee, Finance Sub-Committee  

Parish Council Interests: Village Emergencies, Village Hall Rep, Finance Sub-Committee 

"A retired Suffolk headteacher, I have lived at North Green, Parham for over 20 years.

I have been on the Parish Council for a number of years and became Chairman 3 years ago.

I have just completed a Doctorate in Education and now spend my time walking my dogs, gardening, cycling and reading." 


Cllr Mike Gray (Vice-Chairman)

Lives: Moat Hall, Silverlace Green 

Status: Married with 2 grown up children

Occupation: Self-employed farmer in Parham, Framlingham, Marlesford, Campsea Ashe and Snape

Village Commitments: Previously Chairman of Parham’s Bio-diversity Advisory Group and Chairman of Parham Parish Council.

Presently Chairman of Parham Wildlife Group and Chairman of Parham’s Bio-diversity Advisory Group.

Parish Council Interests: Finance Sub-Committee, Risk Assessment, Natural Environment, Village Emergencies


Cllr Claire Moore

Lives: Near to the Pound 

Occupation: Community Care Worker

Village Commitments:  Village Hall Bookings Secretary 

Parish Council Interests:  PC Rep for Village Hall Committee

"I moved to Parham six years ago after spending my younger years in Wickham Market.  I have two teenage children who attend the local high school in Framlingham, where I was also a pupil.

My time is spent mostly working, and looking after my horses, dog and cat, but when I do have free time I like to watch live bands and films.

I joined the Parish Council in 2016"


Cllr James Rogers

Lives: 3 Park Farm Cottages, Mill Green  

Status: Married 

Occupation: Agricultural Contractor/Landscape Gardener

Village Commitments: Footpath Officer

Parish Council Interests: Footpaths, Bio-diversity, Finance Sub-Committee  


Cllr Jason Wood 

Lives:  North Green Bungalow  

Status:  Married with 3 children 

Occupation: BT Openreach Engineer 

Village Commitments: 

Parish Council Interests: Parish Council Rep. for Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC), Website Assistance 

"Originally from New Zealand, I've been lucky to find another great place to live in the world. 

My wife (a Butley girl) and I have lived in Parham since the mid noughties, bringing up our three boys and two dogs in the North Green Bungalows. I've recently had a career change, after many years commuting to London and working on Channel 4 broadcast transmission.I'm now working locally as a telecoms engineer for Open Reach. 

It is great to get around our lovely countryside and I am enjoying a more regular local routine, with the ability to get involved in local activities such as the Parish Council, which I joined in 2017."


Cllr Rhodri Griffiths 

Lives: Willoughby Close, Parham 

Village Commitments:  Speedwatch Volunteer 

"I am a retired teacher and enthusiastic environmental campaigner who moved to Parham from Wales four years ago. I am a member of Suffolk Friends of the Earth and TASC and am keen to promote biodiversity and to make Parham a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists- particularly for children and the elderly and vulnerable. I have been a member of the Speedwatch Team since moving here and would like to see further measures taken to stop motorists speeding through the village.

My interests include organic, wildlife-friendly gardening, cross country walking,painting, 19th century literature, history, philosophy, yoga, traditional music and playing the melodeon."





The Full Council meets to discuss planning applications, rather than having a separate planning sub-committee.