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Meet your Councillors

Parish Councillors are local, receive no payment and are not to be confused with District (East Suffolk) or County (Suffolk) Councillors who have political affiliation.

Please contact individual Councillors or the Clerk about any specific village enquiries.

Councillors' Profiles

Cllr. Michael Block (Chair)

Lives: The Street, Parham 

"I’m a Suffolk man with a background in estate management, house restoration, interior design and garden design. I was delighted to discover that I am descended from a local Parham family, and glad to be part of this community. 

I arrived in the village in September 2017 and spent the next two years restoring The Church Farm, moving in properly in 2019 with my partner John. It has been an honour to be able to breathe life back into this beautiful house and to know that it’s very special features are now preserved for the future. Maintaining it is to be an on going labour of love. " 
Michael can be contacted on mblock6@icloud.com

Cllr Michael Gray (Vice Chair)

Lives: Moat Hall, Silverlace Green 

Status: Married with 2 grown up children

Occupation: Self-employed farmer in Parham, Framlingham, Marlesford, Campsea Ashe and Snape

Village Commitments: Previously Chairman of Parham’s Bio-diversity Advisory Group and Chairman of Parham Parish Council.

Presently Chairman of Parham Wildlife Group and Chairman of Parham’s Bio-diversity Advisory Group.

Parish Council Interests: Finance Sub-Committee, Risk Assessment, Natural Environment, Village Emergencies

 Michael can be contacted on 07970 411438 or mike.gray01@btinternet.com 


Cllr Claire Adams 

Lives: Near the Pound 

Occupation: Community Care Worker

Parish Council Interests:  

I moved to Parham 11 years ago wanting to raise my children in a more rural setting. I enjoy the many community events here.
I joined Parham Parish Council in 2016.


Cllr Jason Wood 

Lives:  North Green 

Status:  Married with 3 children 

Occupation: BT Network Engineer 

Village Commitments: Footpath Officer, Community Fibre Broadband Project Organiser 

Parish Council Interests: Parish Council Rep. for Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC), Website Assistance 

"Originally from New Zealand, I've been lucky to find another great place to live in the world. 

My wife (a Butley girl) and I have lived in Parham since the mid noughties, bringing up our three boys and two dogs in the North Green Bungalows. I've recently had a career change, after many years commuting to London and working on Channel 4 broadcast transmission. I'm now working locally as a telecoms engineer for Open Reach. 

It is great to get around our lovely countryside and I am enjoying a more regular local routine, with the ability to get involved in local activities such as the Parish Council, which I joined in 2017."

Jason can be contacted on Jazwood1@gmail.com 


Cllr. James Rogers 

Lives: Mill Green, Parham

 "  I live on Mill Green with my wife and two young children. I have been involved in the Parish Council for many years and have lived in Parham for most of my life". 


Cllr. Jonathan Cottrell

Lives: The Street, Parham

I am retired and interested in getting involved in village life and helping where I might be useful. Although I moved permanently here in only 2021, my parents lived in the same house from around 1990.

My hobbies are bell ringing, art, local history and wine. 

Jonathan can be contacted on


Cllr. Charlotte Stanley 

Lives: Mill Green, Parham 

I live on Mill Green with my husband & two young children. I grew up In Parham as a child & attended school locally however I moved away during my teens. Life has somehow brought me back to Parham & I love that my children can grow up in the same beautiful village that I did. 
Occupational status: I have a degree in business however I have spent the majority of my adult life working in the care sector. I am a registered nurse who has worked in various different NHS establishments. Currently I run my own private clinic & train other registered healthcare professionals to work in the private sector. 
Interests: In my spare time you will likely find me tending to my horses, ducks & chickens or my vegetable patch! If non of the above, you will find me in the kitchen, because I love to cook! 


The Full Council meets to discuss planning applications, rather than having a separate planning sub-committee.