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Housing Development Updates

9 September 2020

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The affordable houses are due to be completed in August 2021.

The pavement outside the development is due to be reconstructed over the entire length of the site once the traffic management system has been removed. At this point the bus stop will also go live. 

The Parish Council has discussed possible names for the new housing development. Thanks to those who sent suggestions for us to consider. 

Writing Pit Meadows (or Writing Meadows, or Retting Meadows) 
In 1838 the name of this land was recorded in the tithe roll as Writing Pit Meadow. We're pretty certain that would have been the tithe recorder's mishearing of Retting Pit Meadow, A retting pit was a hole dug to fill with water (hence why it was alongside the river) in order to throw in the hemp or flax to rot (ret) off the soft part of the stalks to leave the fibres, which were used for coarse weaving or rope-making.

Corrance Close
The Corrance's used to own this land in the 19th Century. They did a lot for the village including starting the school. There is a trust fund still in place from the Corrance's to help local children with educational purchases. They were an important part of Parham's history. 
Flaxen Fields
Again, as these fields used to grow flax for linen. 
Ore Close 
Named because of the river next door, and because of Orwell Housing, but perhaps there are too many Ore references in houses locally.