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Parham Parish Council meets 6 times a year, normally on the second Tuesday of every other month, commencing in January. A public forum is held near the start  of the meeting to allow parishioners to talk about any issue. The Planning Committee (at least 3 members of the Parish Council who don't have a disclosable pecuniary  interest in the planning application) meet as and when required and other Working Groups also meet throughout the year. The Annual General Meeting is held in May, when the officers are elected for the ensuing year and the accounts for the preceding year are presented for approval.  

In addition, the statutory Annual Parish Meeting is held  between April & June. This is a general meeting of parishioners, at which reports from village organisations are received and discussed, and relevant matters are referred to the Parish Council and other agencies. It is often held on the same evening as the Parish Council's  Annual General Meeting.  

The next APM will take place on 9th May  2017  at 7:15pm in Parham Village Hall where there will be short reports from various organisations in the parish.

Duties & Responsibilities

Parham Parish Council has a number of duties and responsibilities, defined by various acts of parliament including the Local Government Act (1972).

It is currently responsible for the maintenance of the closed Church Yard, the Pound and the Play Area.

A Scheme of Regulations and Management of Common Land was granted by SCDC allowing the Parish Council to manage the three village greens that were registered ownerless under the 1965 Commons Registration Act. These are North Green, Mill Green, and Silverlace Green on which are a number of village ponds, which have be cleaned out.

The Parish Council also has a duty (as from 1 April 2015) to publish certain information on this website, including dates of meetings, minutes, end of year accounts and policies we have adopted. Draft minutes of meetings should be published within one month of the meeting and can be found on the 'Agendas, Minutes & Accounts' page.  However, it must be reiterated that the minutes are only a draft document and do not become an official record of the Parish Council meeting until they are approved at the next Parish Council meeting.

The  budget  for the next year is set in November, allowing an opportunity in January to reconsider, before setting the precept (Funding requested from Suffolk Coastal District Council to cover next year's village expenditure).

Where possible, applications, from organisations, for financial assistance should be received by the end of September.

As a  result  of the uncontested election that took place on 7th May 2015 five Councillors  took up their seats.   The Parish Council co-opted two Councillors to make up their number.    

The next election is  May 2019.    Parish Councillors are all unpaid volunteers who operate on a non-party political basis.

Parham Parish Council employs a Parish Clerk, who carries out administrative duties and is a contact person for the public.  


Planning Applications

Local planning applications are received from Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) from time to time. Three clear days notice is given of the Planning Committee meeting in Parham Village Hall to discuss such applications. Planning Applications are examined in detail and the Parish Council's comments, including a recommendation to support or object, are referred back to the District Council (Planning Authority). If an application is contentious the whole Council will discuss the matter and possibly call a public meeting to allow parishioners to express their opinions.

Representation on other organisations

Parham Parish Council is a member of SALC (Suffolk Association of Local Councils).

It is represented on Parham Village Hall Management Committee, Parham Wildlife Group, SCDC’s Green Print Forum, and Framlingham Volunteer Centre.

It also appoints a Tree Warden, Mr Adam Paul, in charge of hedges and trees in the parish and a Footpath Officer, James Rogers, who keeps an eye on Rights of Way and reports problems to SCC.