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Shake It Out Recycling Campaign

16 June 2023

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What’s Shake It Out all about?

Suffolk Waste Partnership's new #ShakeItOut campaign aims to reduce spoiled recycling across the county by encouraging residents to keep their recycling clean, dry and loose when adding it to their wheelie bins, without the use of black sacks and plastic bags.

We know that recycling can be confusing but we try to make it as easy as possible by collecting it all in one bin without the need for sorting. Recycling should always be placed loose into recycling bins - no bags please!

Why are black sacks and plastic bags a problem?

They are one of the main causes of spoiled recycling. Last year 26% of the contents of Suffolk’s recycling bins was unable to be processed. As it is impossible to know what bags mistakenly placed in recycling bins contain, they are removed from recycling at the sorting facility and won’t get recycled. But sometimes the bags can split before they are removed and their contents can spill out and spoil good recycling,
and that is simply a waste!